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9 April 2020 – ‘Hooked on Sport’ Keeps Community Connected

Fact Sheet

9 April 2020 – Introducing: Hooked on Sport Podcast

Hook edon Sport Podcast with Ben Hook

Hi there, this is the Hooked on Sport Podcast with Ben Hook. Thanks to Sport SA, Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation, SA Health and Business SA.

Well, it’s April 2020 and our world looks a little different.

As we are physically distancing to protect our communities, we can face feelings of social isolation.

One impact we’re without for what many of us is our greatest comfort. Our sporting club. Our club, which can offer our most significant sense of purpose and belonging.

So why we are here? Because – for now – this is how you and I, and all of our club mates, can come together.

So we’ve brought your club here, as best as we possibly can, with this, your, Virtual Sports Club.

This is where we can come together and support one another, encourage each other, and share our stories of our sporting clubs.

It’s a chance for you all to recall your favourite moments at your club whether that be a memory of last week, or last century.

And we want to be someone you can rely upon.

It’s your home to tell your mates about how you’re coping with this unprecedented time in our lives. And hopefully you’ll be able to feel that big warm virtual hug from a friend as you do.

Each episode we’ll aim to give you just a small slice of life back at your club.

Because ultimately, we are still part of our clubs and they are still part of us, we just need to look at them a bit differently.

A sense of reality in unreal times.

So get involved with us. You can find us on Facebook – let us know about your club and who you’d like us to interview.

We’re not going to be here forever. Eventually this virus will be conquered and we can get back to what is the best of life, to mix with family and friends. As a sporting community we can be resilient. 

But until then, share some time with us, in our Virtual Club.

This is Hooked on Sport.